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Strategic Partnership

Our Partnership with Eptura

Amicus is a proud Eptura Gold Partner. As a market leader in workspace management solutions, Eptura is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with spacial analytics and tools to enhance a flexible work environment.

Give your employees control of where and when they work and create a truly flexible workplace. Make every workspace searchable and bookable, and make their working days seamlessly effective, wherever they are.

Digital Workplace Experiences
Condeco by Eptura
Guest Experiences
Condeco by Eptura
Workplace Productivity
Condeco by Eptura
Employee Experience
Condeco by Eptura
Workspace Management
Condeco by Eptura
Workspace Analytics
Condeco Digital Workplace Solutions
  • Visitor Management
    • Bring everyone together with the end-to-end digitally connected workplace experience of Condeco. It’s designed to deliver a safe, compliant, and healthy environment for your visitors and employees whilst also reducing operational costs.

    • Sync visitor and employee data with your access control system, send unique QR codes to grant access at the right time and get real-time information about who is in the building.

    • Pre-screen visitors, advance guest credentials and let people into the workspace based on predetermined conditions. Using facial recognition technology, international watch lists, and pre-arrival check-in requirements ensure workplace security and compliance.

    • A software-first approach helps to optimise the guest experience through autonomous check-in, whilst also reducing the operational costs associated with workplace entry.
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  • Workplace Productivity
    • Help your employees get more from their work with technology that puts them in control of their workdays.

    • Deliver access to space: ensuring employees can always get the right spaces to work in.

    • Connect distributed teams: bring employees together virtually and physically through integration.

    • Enable choice and control: put the workforce in charge of the where and when of their workdays.

    • Redefine workspace: enabling productivity in a variety of working environments.

    • Flex space needs: giving users the choice of workspaces to suit their requirements.

    • Support employee well-being: supporting users to create a working life they’re happy with.
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  • Workspace Management
    • Enable simple control of every part of your workspace management plan on a single platform.

    • Control use of space: seamlessly manage occupancy, however the office is used.

    • Manage rules on space and desk booking: develop workspaces that fulfil the needs of every employee.

    • Accommodate remote workers: connect employees to the office space and time they need.
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  • Workplace Analytics
    • Office space monitoring and utilisation technology that can help you maximise both real estate and productivity.

    • Understand space usage: get detailed insights that can support correct space control, access, and occupancy.

    • Inspire user satisfaction: deliver workspaces that meet user needs and underpin their productivity.

    • Improve workplace design: reshape office spaces to respond to changing business needs.

    • Right-size real estate: develop an office that perfectly supports a flexible workforce.

    • Enable a reactive office: use data to seamlessly adapt the workplace according to employee requirements.

    • Support continuous improvement: reshape working practices long-term based on data and insights.
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Together we can redefine your workspace

For over 15 years, Condeco has been working with the world’s biggest brands to create workspaces that work harder. Using pioneering scheduling solutions, Condeco help to transform the way people work through the space they’re in.

We have successfully provided and integrated workspace scheduling software to our clients, helping remove friction in the workplace to ensure their people are able to get the most out of their working day. Together with Condeco we make it easy to find and book space to collaborate. 

Your Guide to Condeco Technology Integration

Cricket Australia

Main Objective

Moving towards a more flexible working model, whereby their 260 employees would work from home some of the time and would book a desk for the times when they were needed in the office.

  • Condeco’s analytics functions are able to generate reports on how many people used the office day-by-day and determine the most popular day of the week for workspace and desk bookings

  • The joint support from Amicus and Condeco for CA resulted in a seamless and successful adoption of the technology by CA employees

  • The entire workforce is able to book workspaces as and when required

The process of onboarding, deployment and reviews was smooth and quick, despite the huge pressure being put on the timelines. A huge part of this is because the customer journey we had with both Amicus and Condeco and feeling like we were being supported the whole way
- Emma Cashen, Office Services & Technology Adoption, at Cricket Australia
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