Create your ultimate hybrid workplace experience

Simple-to-use, innovative workplace technology via a flexible, cost-effective monthly subscription

Supercharged employee experience

Boost the way your teams connect, communicate and collaborate by using innovative technology to create more immersive and equitable meetings for your employees.

Scalable subscription-based service

Reduce the need for large upfront capital investment, preserve cashflow and enable predictable budgeting with our flexible and cost-effective subscription-based service.

Future-proof technology

Build in a refresh of your technology, remove the cost and effort of managing and replacing this yourselves and avoid the risk of obsolescence.

We are Hybrid Workspace Experience Designers

At Amicus, we supercharge your employee experience and boost the way your teams connect, communicate and collaborate. We fuse the physical and digital workspace using reliable and innovative technology making sure that it seamlessly integrates with your built environment. As workspace designers and integrators, we are uniquely positioned to get this right for you.

We provide commercial and educational organisations with simple-to-use, reliable, flexible and cost-effective Workplace Technology-as-a-Service solutions that simplify the management of IT, preserves cash flow and drives predictable planning and budgeting.

Create your ultimate Microsoft Teams Room experience


We specialise in designing and delivering Microsoft Teams Room certified workspaces that create the most immersive, equitable and engaging hybrid meeting experiences.  

 We’ll also advise you on recommended furniture layouts, colours, acoustic treatments and lighting to optimise your hybrid meeting experiences. 

 We provide a complete solution; the technology, interior solutions and design, installation, training and support that you consume and pay for under a monthly subscription over a 1-to-5-year term.  


Choose the right Microsoft Teams Certified solution for your meeting rooms

Immersive and equitable experiences for different spaces and budgets

Collaboration Space
3-5 People
Drive innovation, creativity and collaboration with a simple all-in-one digital device for whiteboarding and video meetings. With its immersive 65” multi-touch screen, powerful audio system and versatile wide-angle camera, our interactive board gives you a hybrid meeting experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding.

From $270 Per Month
5 Year Term
Includes equipment, installation & support

Medium Room
6-8 People
Simple and elegant, our small to medium Teams Room solutions are compactly designed yet highly capable. It's perfect for bringing more immersive, superior-quality video-conferencing experiences to your hybrid meeting spaces for up to 8 people. Our solution comes with an all-in-one video bar, 1 or 2 displays and a dynamic touch-screen pad, which is used to control the meeting.

From $245 Per Month
5 Year Term
Includes equipment, installation & support

Large Room
8-12 People
Our technology-as-a-service solution for medium to large rooms uses a powerful yet simple and elegant slimline device. Mounted below dual displays, the premium all-in-one video bar enables you to see people and content together more clearly. Simultaneously, its uncompromising audio and video quality give you an incredibly immersive, natural meeting experience with direct stereo sound throughout any space.

From $380 Per Month
5 Year Term
Includes equipment, installation & support

These are just a few examples of our room bundles. Please reach out to hear about a wider range of options for different types of meeting spaces.

Siemens Gamesa

Main Objective: 

Solution to create an agile and collaborative office space by integrating seamless, simple-to-use and reliable technology within budget. 


  • Able to deploy the optimal technology solutions to deliver the desired employee experience, without a large upfront investment
  • Simplified ways to communicate and collaborate
  • Boosted employee and client experience with an immersive hybrid way of working
Read the case study


Main Objective: 

Technology solution to transform the office into an engaging space that complements the new fitout and connects staff and clients working from the office and remotely.  


  • Aligned the right technology solutions to the company’s vision
  • Easy to use, reliable technology that just works
  • Combined interior design and technology to enhance employee and client experience in the hybrid workspace
Read the case study

Jellis Craig

Main Objective: 

Provide intuitive and seamless to use workplace technology, with easy connectivity to support hybrid meetings. 


  • Improved connection and collaboration
  • More equitable hybrid meetings
  • High utilisation of meeting spaces
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Our Selected Partners

We work with industry-leading technology partners to provide you with a wide range of solutions to choose from to create the most immersive and equitable experience for your people.

About Our Team

jon gracie of amicus

Jon Gracie

Director - Amicus Technology

Jon has a genuine passion for people, technology and improving lives at work through digital workplace transformation. Technology is at the heart of a more immersive, engaging and collaborative workplace and with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Jon’s mission is to provide our clients with innovative, intelligent digital solutions that create amazing workplace experiences and empower people to connect, communicate and collaborate better than they have before.

Founder of Amicus Finance, Mike is a specialist in financial products, "as a service" models, technology, healthcare, capital raisings and building successful businesses that foster a strong, lasting employee culture. His goal is to help businesses to access the workplace of the future. He believes in keeping decision-making simple, efficient, and in the hands of our clients. His mission is to always enable them to retain control of the decision-making around what financial product is best for their business.

mike mobilia of amicus

Mike Mobilia

Director - Amicus Finance

Why Amicus

Amicus can design and deliver the whole workspace and meeting space experience wrapped in a monthly technology subscription service. This end-to-end service from Amicus offers seamless integration, streamlined communication, greater accountability, reduced risk and better meeting experiences for you.

In collaboration with our leading technology partners, we can guide you on this complex journey by offering consulting, advisory and support services for modern digital collaboration.

Our services also include:

  • Strategy: Get expert workspace technology strategy and advice that integrates with your organisational and cultural goals, engages your teams and helps your business become future-ready.
  • Design: Benefit from simple, easy-to-use and reliable technology solutions that promote collaboration, productivity and engagement while offering a positive and modern employee experience your people have come to expect from today’s hybrid workspaces
  • Integration: Focus on seamlessly integrating the right workspace experience solutions with our bespoke technology-as-a-service solutions specifically designed for your business, reducing complexity, risk and cost
  • Support: Simplify management and support of technology allowing your IT team to focus on core or strategic activities, whilst reducing downtime and maximising availability of your workspace technology
taas technology as a service provider
Recently we partnered with Amicus Technology to set up the technology aspects of our new office move to 180 George St Sydney. Our experience during this process was excellent. They were able to understand our specific needs right from the start and able to adapt to changes along the way. Their ability to project manage the process ensured a seamless and well-coordinated deployment which saved us valuable time and resources. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail across the board set Amicus apart, resulting in a highly functional, fit-for-purpose setup. Amicus delivered an exceptional job and have been instrumental in enhancing our new office. We commend and recommend to others Amicus for their valuable contribution to our project’s success.
- Jacob Turjman, Senior Manager, Business IT & Procurement
WWF made the change to Microsoft Teams Rooms as a pilot in our new office to create simple-to-use, inclusive meeting experiences. With Amicus's amazing support to design and deploy this technology, our staff have really taken to this new way of working and are enjoying the benefits of the new, intuitive collaboration system.
- Stephanie McCann, Operations & Risk Specialist, WWF-Australia
Amicus were able to understand the brief and offer a simple-to-use, reliable system for each of our meeting spaces that internal stakeholders at Jellis Craig have fully embraced. The system designed is also the foundation of our meeting room technology standards rolling out across multiple Jellis Craig satellite offices.
- Christian Marotta – Jellis Craig Corporate, Richmond
I can highly recommend the entire Amicus team. The professionalism, knowledge and expertise were exceptional. Transitioning from planning and design to execution was seamless. The trust amongst the team was instant.

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  • Benefits of empowering your hybrid workplace 
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Yes, we can provide managed technology solutions for meeting spaces of all sizes, training rooms, collaboration spaces, kitchen/breakout, reception areas.

Yes, we offer managed workplace solutions including workstation equipment such as monitors and laptops (which can be provided under a device as a service model), network services, workspace management solutions such as desk & room booking, digital visitor management systems and space analytics.

We have partnerships with many technology vendors and can design and deliver digital workplace solutions that meet your technology standards.

This service from Amicus provides you with a scalable, flexible, cost-effective subscription-based service that reduces need for large upfront capital investment, preserves cashflow and enables predictable budgeting. It’s designed to supercharge employee experience, boost productivity (users & IT), mitigate risk & maximise availability of systems. You can future-proof your technology and remove cost of replacing and the risk of obsolescence. It will simplify management and support of technology allowing your IT team to focus on core or strategic activities whilst providing access to technology expertise and advice.

You eliminate the need for an upfront capital investment which reduces the financial burden and allows for predictable budgeting. Workplace Technology as a Service solutions can easily scale up or down based on your needs. You can quickly add or remove technology resources as business requirements change, allowing for greater flexibility and agility. This scalability ensures that you have the right technology tools and resources at the right time which is challenging under a traditional Capex model.

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and can offer services nationally.

That really depends on the type of space and solution. We will work with you to understand your needs for each space and design a solution to meet your needs.

1. Improved user experience, 2. Cost-effectiveness – eliminate upfront investment, 3. Scalability and Flexibility, 4. Up-to-date technology – avoid obsolescence, 5. Simplified IT management, 6. Reduced risk and downtime through proactive support and maintenance 7. Access to specialised technology expertise.

We can utilise your existing technology where required. We will check that it is suitable to meet your hybrid workplace needs.

We offer an end-to-end managed workplace technology service which includes technology design, procurement, integration, training, support, refresh, recycling or disposal.

We offer a wide range of technology as a service solution including video conferencing systems for meeting rooms, room booking screens, digital signage, video walls, audio systems, network switches/routers, wireless access points and workstation equipment such as monitors, monitor arms, docking stations, keyboard, mice and headsets.

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