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Embracing Adaptive Reuse


Transforming Office Spaces in Melbourne with Amicus
Authors: Julian Verwey, Megan Greig

In the Australian commercial office market, Melbourne stands out as a city embracing the concept of adaptive reuse. This innovative approach involves repurposing existing spaces, particularly under-utilised office space that have reached the end of a current lease term. As new buildings come out of the ground, adaptive reuse offers a sustainable and creative solution to repurpose existing stock in existing assets.

The Rise of Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse has gained traction in Melbourne due to its numerous benefits. The city’s growth in the commercial sector over the last 20 years provides a treasure trove of opportunities for transformation. Instead of demolishing old fitouts, landlords, interior designers and builders are reimagining them, converting outdated office buildings into vibrant, multi-functional spaces.  

TTI, Mount Waverly

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

One of the primary drivers behind adaptive reuse is sustainability. By refurbishing existing fitouts, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with new construction. The energy and resources saved by avoiding demolition and new building processes contribute to our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, adaptive reuse often involves integrating energy-efficient technologies and green building practices, further enhancing the environmental benefits.

Creative and Functional Transformations

The adaptive reuse of office spaces in Melbourne is not just about sustainability; it's also about creativity and functionality. The transformation and refurbishment of existing offices breathe new life into spaces, making them relevant and useful for contemporary workplaces.

Economic and Community Benefits

Adaptive reuse projects will improve the capital value of the building as they are a far more cost-effective solution to a typical demolition, make good and spec suite approach. We can transform an existing outdated fit out to a contemporary workplace that will attract and retain a variety of tenants.

Milwaukee Tools
Milwaukee Tools, Notting Hill

Amicus: Your Ideal Partner for Adaptive Reuse

At Amicus, we believe that a successful workplace strategy and office redesign go beyond aesthetics and functionality. They start with a deep understanding of your organisation’s unique culture, values, and operational needs. By truly tuning into your organisation, we create spaces that not only look great but also enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and support your long-term business goals.

Why Choose Amicus for Adaptive Reuse?

End-to-End Service Offering: Amicus provides a comprehensive suite of services, from initial strategy and design to final fitout and ongoing change management. Our expertise spans offices, laboratories, and educational facilities, ensuring we can meet your specific needs. 

Human-Centred Design: We prioritise the needs of people in the organisation as much as your space. Our human-centred approach ensures that our designs foster a productive and inspiring work environment.

Proven Track Record: With a reputation for exceeding expectations, Amicus has delivered exceptional office spaces for over 19 years for tenants and landlords across various industries.

Sustainable Solutions: We integrate energy-efficient technologies and green building practices into our adaptive reuse projects, contributing to the assets sustainability targets.

Greater Western Water
Greater Western Water, Footscray

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