Case Study

Milwaukee Tools

Notting Hill, Melbourne
3,500 sqm
Completed 2023


Our 18 month journey delivering projects for TTI led us to embark on an exciting new mission – the transformation of Milwaukee Tools' head office. The company, accustomed to a remote work setting since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sought a revamped workspace that not only aligned with their brand identity but also addressed the evolving needs of their industry. With a focus on branding, environmental impact and cutting-edge technology, the project aimed to create a functional and vibrant space. Maximising the potential of the existing structure, which originally served as Toyota's R&D headquarters in the early 2000s.


Working hand-in-hand with our client and interior design partner PTID, we faced several challenges head-on. The design process prioritised functionality, resulting in numerous meeting rooms and spacious communal areas to enhance collaboration and workflow. The selection of robust materiality was carefully considered, reflecting the brand ideology ‘Nothing But Heavy DutyTM’. Textured and perforated metals, striking marble, plywood and polished concrete serve as a deliberate contrast to the Milwaukee signature red, which features in the design details. 

Our collaborative approach allowed us to incorporate custom joinery pieces that seamlessly integrated technology, promoting a modern and innovative workspace. The breakout areas were carefully crafted, featuring a harmonious blend of stone and ample natural light to create an inviting and inspiring environment.

The discovery of unexpected structural steel posed an initial hurdle, compounded by pre-existing issues with the mechanical system. Despite a tight timeline, necessitated by the scale of the project and the diverse range of finishes involved, we navigated these challenges with precision and upgraded the mechanical system to be more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Project Gallery


The revamped Milwaukee Tools head office stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Amicus, PTID and the forward-thinking Milwaukee Tools. The new workspace not only reflects the brand's identity but also caters to the practical needs of a tech-focused industry.

The upgrade of lighting and mechanical elements contributes to the workspace's efficiency and amplifies its positive environmental impact. The choice to limit demolition, led to the reuse of major built elements and infrastructure, aligning with the project's sustainable ethos. Repurposing wall panelling, glazing, and flooring minimising landfill and reducing environmental impact.

The thoughtful interior design, with its emphasis on impactful brand presence, custom joinery, sustainability and technology integration, elevates the overall aesthetic while fostering a conducive work environment.

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