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Return to the Office
In partnership with Condeco

Managing the return to the office

As the lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted in Australia, businesses are considering and planning how their people will return to the workplace. This presents business leaders with the unchartered dilemma of how to successfully and carefully manage this return to the office whilst maintaining safety and flexibility for employees.

Amicus has partnered with Condeco, a market leader in workspace management solutions, to uniquely address these challenges for our clients, adopt new ways of working and enable a safe return to work.

As businesses plan a return to the office, they need to address the following new challenges presented by Covid-19 in order to meet new guidelines and policies whilst keeping employees safe and delivering business continuity.

The new norm
Enable social distancing
Enforce sanitisation
Enable contact tracing
Instantly close unsafe spaces
Keep employees informed

Condeco Strategic Partnership

At Amicus we strive to improve lives at work by designing and delivering inspirational, flexible and technology-enabled workspaces for our clients that improve employee experience and wellbeing. Condeco help clients enable agile, flexible working and transform their workplace for the future.

We are proud to partner with Condeco. This alliance enables us to support our customers with advice and consulting on workplace strategy, change management combined with innovative technology solutions to help clients create a safe, more productive, collaborative and optimised workspace.

Together we can improve lives and save lives at work.

Together we can liberate your workspace

For over 15 years, Condeco has been working with the world’s biggest brands to create workspaces that work harder. Using pioneering scheduling solutions, Condeco help to transform the way people work through the space they’re in.

Together with Condeco we make it easy to find and book space to meet up and work together. We have successfully provided and integrated workspace scheduling software to our clients, helping remove friction in the workplace to ensure their people are able to get the most out of their working day.

Condeco Solutions
  • Meeting Room Booking Software
    Remove the friction and complexity of meeting room scheduling. No matter where you’re working or on what device, Condeco's room booking software is the easiest way to bring your people together and make a success of your meetings.

    Manage your meeting rooms, visitors and services through one solution, and create a workspace that works harder for everyone. Designed to help optimise your meeting room space, reduce admin time and introduce smarter booking processes into your workplace.

    By enabling you to schedule and manage meeting rooms, visitors, hospitality, services and video conferencing in one system, everyone and every meeting room can work together seamlessly.
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  • Desk Booking Software
    Create an agile workplace and get more out of your real estate. Condeco's desk booking software enables you to manage desks and workspaces – all from one cloud-based system.

    Give your mobile workforce the flexibility to easily find a space to suit their needs whenever they need to. Manage your flexible and activity-based workspaces anywhere in your organisation, enabling your people to find a space that meets their needs instantly.

    The user-friendly application is available on the web, mobiles, desk booking screens and kiosks throughout your building and is designed to keep your workforce and workplace flowing.

    Whether you’re a single department in just one building, or you've grown into an entire global enterprise, we can make your space work harder for you.
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