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Location: Century Plaza One, Brisbane
Size: 1,800 sqm
Completed: 2017


We were tasked with reinventing and modernising our client's new workspace to accommodate growth and to welcome future new employees. 

Amicus' client, a global insurance company, were relocating their QLD office back into the Brisbane CBD on the completion of their lease expiry. The client were increasing in size from 700 sqm to 1,800 sqm and actively upsizing from 35 employees to 50.



The new workspace has a mix of textures and finishes that add warmth and a welcoming, homely feel for employees. The new Breakout area allows for staff to mingle and step away from their desks and work areas to collaborate or have informal meetings. 

There is a high level of detail in the design finishes and fixtures that give the space a lux feel.

The new more detailed space is very inviting to walk into and the waiting area is comfortable for employees and visitors. 

The major change for the client was the inclusion of spacious open plan, and multiple use, areas. Other collaboration spaces were well thought out and designed for their new purpose, segmented from each other through the use of colour. 

Staff are making the most of the new library and quiet space which is positioned well away from other work areas and the noiser breakout area. 



Amicus' design partner for this fitout was Geyer. They made great use of the space ensuring each area had a purpose. The global insurance company's new office is modernised and inviting. The space is much larger and modern compared to their existing space, energising staff and visitors. 

The new areas for collaboration are having a huge impact on the work flow of the office.

The reception area is far more welcoming for returning and new visitors who enter the space directly from the lift doors. 

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