Location: Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Size: 700 sqm
Completed: 2018


In 2018, NTT (formerly NTT Communications) engaged Amicus to manage the Design and Construction of their new, 700 sqm office space in 360 Elizbeth Street Melbourne. The key focus was to accommodate the need to offer the 60 staff members a whole new concept of working, shifting from an older, larger workspace with an ineffective use of the footprint precluding team cooperation, to a modern, creative and innovative working environment, filled with collaboration areas. Another key focus was to enhance the company brand image through a novel fit out, able to deliver the important message of belonging to their employees, providing a workspace to be proud of.  The main feature of this venture was that, simultaneously, the Sydney team was approaching the same project by Amicus, with the desire of having both offices looking identical.



In response, our dynamic Design and Construction methodology enabled both the Melbourne and the Sydney NTT management teams to immerse themselves in the project, facilitating and tailoring the design strictly following their vision. Our comprehensive delivery process allowed an open line of communication at every point with both location’s crews, taking into consideration the existence of two different programmes. All elements of the design were meticulously aligned on both scenes. The design enabled a more effective distribution of working areas and enhanced space optimisation.



The work environment has been designed to be dually functional, effectively providing collaborative zones to staff members and also promoting a fresh and modern brand image. The integration of technology into the workspace has also been significant. The workspace is designed to be fully wireless, providing touchscreens and amenities for employees converting an old workspace into an effective and practical environment. The purpose of the project has been met consistently well and as such, a high level of enthusiasm among staff has been perceived instantly after the move. The vast breakout area with a pool table has emphasized an atmosphere of interaction and enjoyment in the workplace, also considerably helping team cohesion and interaction. Important to note that the modern and professional colour scheme of the design has also served as an incredibly powerful branding tool.

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