Case Study

Signature Appliances

Willoughby, Sydney
820 sqm
Completed 2023


Signature Appliances, a sub-brand of Bing Lee, sought to redefine its presence in the market by creating a luxurious showroom for its high-end appliances. The goal was to establish a premium space that would not only serve as a retail environment but also as an inspirational showcase for designers and clients. The focus was on crafting a welcoming entry, a central demonstration kitchen, and a private dining area – all enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication.


Amicus embarked on the challenge of conceptualising a space that would resonate with the essence of "Signature Appliances." Our Interior Design team aimed to create a high-end showroom that goes beyond the typical retail experience. The approach was to incorporate softening angles, curved organic areas, and an overall flow that would seamlessly guide visitors through the space.

Upon entering the showroom, clients are greeted with a welcoming space that includes a coffee offering. The design strategically positioned a strong directional meeting point, immediately captivating visitors with a wow factor. The idea was to set the tone for the premium experience right from the entrance.

To enhance the sense of luxury and exclusivity, the design introduced a private dining room, a bookable space that exudes an ambiance of fine dining. This not only caters to clients seeking personalised attention but also adds a unique dimension to the showroom, positioning it as a destination for culinary enthusiasts.

At the heart of the showroom lies the demonstration kitchen – a focal point drawing clients in with live cooking demonstrations, fresh scents, and a dynamic atmosphere. The use of high-end finishes and a carefully curated palette aims to reflect the quality of the appliances and brands on display. The kitchen serves as a dynamic space where clients can engage with the products in a real-world context.

Complementing the showroom concept is the elegant and subtle logo design. Characterised by minimalist lines, the logo exudes timelessness, sleekness, and an emotional connection of reliability and comfort. The modern and bold design mirrors the high-end nature of Signature Appliances.

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Working closely with Signature Appliances' suppliers ensured seamless integration of high-quality appliances and joinery, enhancing the overall coherence of the showroom.

The revamped showroom delivers a luxurious and welcoming ambiance that aligns with the high-end positioning of Signature Appliances. The demonstration kitchen and private dining room provide clients with a unique and engaging customer experience, fostering a deeper connection with the brand. Positioning the brand with a minimalist and bold logo design reinforces the brand's identity, signalling reliability and comfort – key elements for a high-end clientele. Signature Appliances now stands out as a destination where discerning clients and their designers can confidently choose premium kitchen appliances.

The Signature Appliances' showroom has successfully been transformed into a showcase of luxury, reinforcing its position as the go-to destination for high-end kitchen appliances and creating a lasting impression on clients and interior designers alike.

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