Location: O'Connell Street, Sydney

Size: 600 sqm

Completed: 2017


Versent are an entrepreneurial tech start up founded in 2014. Their team underwent rapid expansion and required a new site to accommodate a growing workforce, improve client experience, support agile work and ensure employee retention. With substantial experience in the technology and IT industries, Amicus was the right workplace design and construction specialist, and were thrilled to partner with Versent to create their new inspiring office space. Wool + Hay were engaged as the design partner. 


The result was a new, exciting and modern workplace reflecting Versent’s innovative approach to business and their desire to nurture great culture for their employees and clients. The space fulfilled the transient staff requirements, with a majority of staff working off site. Through activation, the desk to staff ratio was reduced to 2:1, with 36 set work stations and an additional 50 flexible working points.


We were looking for a lot of space to grow into, and that could be used to host events like meetups. We also needed an easily accessible, central location - Riley Smith - People & Culture, Versent.


Since opening in early 2018, the fully activated agile working environment allows Versent to save approx. 25% on their spatial requirements which represents a $1M saving across the full term of the lease.

The space provides a platform to take their business in Sydney to the next level, better reflecting their clientele and giving them a space to be proud of. This in turn contributed to improved talent acquisition and an expectation that employee retention will improve with the physical environment mirroring the business culture. Following a successful project completion, Melbourne are now looking at new sites based on the positive outcomes from the Sydney relocation.

The new Versent workspace was voted as one of Australia's Top 20 Coolest Offices in 2018. Read the full article here. 

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