Case Study

Endeavour Group

Richmond, Victoria & National Workplace Strategy
1,900 sqm
Completed 2023


Endeavour Group, the industry leading retail parent group of BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Jimmy Brings and more, approached Amicus for a comprehensive National Workplace Strategy. They aimed to redefine their office spaces across the country to align with their core value of sociability and to consolidate all their brands under One Endeavour. With a dispersed and dynamic workforce, the challenge was to craft a future-focused office strategy that fostered collaboration, connection, and continuous learning.

Amicus embarked on a thorough consultation process, engaging leaders and staff members through workshops and interviews. They meticulously assessed Endeavour Group's existing spaces in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to understand their unique needs and challenges. The vision was clear: to create a social hub that would serve as a catalyst for team interaction and synergy, transcending geographical barriers and organisational silos.


In collaboration with partners The General Store and State of Work, Amicus co-created a design concept tailored to Endeavour Group's requirements. The challenge was magnified by the diversity of the sites: from a heritage-listed boutique building in South Australia to a contemporary space in Melbourne's bustling Richmond area. Despite the divergent contexts, Amicus ensured a cohesive aesthetic and design principles that reflected the essence of One Endeavour.

The key to success lay in embracing the Laneway concept, with a focal point on the social space akin to a Town Square. This innovative approach facilitated the convergence of teams from various office locations into a single, unified environment. The workspace was meticulously crafted to accommodate the evolving needs of a modern workforce, transitioning towards an activity-based model that prioritised flexibility and interaction.

Despite the ambitious timeline of 12 weeks, which defied conventional estimates suggesting a 16-week build, Amicus rose to the challenge. Through meticulous planning, efficient execution, and close collaboration with the client, they successfully delivered a transformative workspace that exceeded expectations.

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By reimagining Endeavour Group's office spaces, they not only enhanced the physical environment but also revitalised their organisational culture. The new workspace has become more than just a place to work— but a vibrant hub for collaboration, innovation and community. Employees experienced a tangible shift in how they interacted and collaborated, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose. The Town Square concept became a symbol of unity, pulling together individuals from diverse backgrounds and functions, fuelling creativity and synergy.

From a strategic standpoint, the consolidation of brands under One Endeavour was seamlessly facilitated by the redesigned workspace. Promoting cross-functional collaboration, accelerated decision-making and amplified the organisation's ability to respond in an agile way to market dynamics.

Amicus' partnership with Endeavour Group exemplifies the transformative power of thoughtful workspace design. By aligning physical spaces with organisational values and strategic objectives, they created an environment that not only fosters productivity and innovation but also cultivates a sense of community and belonging — a true testament to the convergence of design and purpose.

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