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Land Services SA Case Study


Land Services SA Case Study

A transformation journey

Recently privatised, the ex-government property services organisation Land Services SA was at the beginning of a transformation journey. A new way of working that would drive innovation and collaboration was needed, while at the same time honouring their long legacy and expertise in property for South Australia.  

Amicus facilitated a process to understand the organisation, consult broadly with people and to provoke thinking on what might be possible for a new workspace.  A clear strategy was developed that identified how a new office design, technology and way of working could drive incidental and planned collaboration, transparency and create the right environment for new ideas to flourish and develop.

The opportunity in a crisis

With the strategy and design locked in, a pandemic arrived. The sudden transition to working from home was quickly embraced and technology worked better than expected. Employees were reporting productivity and wellbeing benefits and leaders quickly realised the opportunity to adopt more flexible ways of working over the longer term.

Building on the existing strategy and through further research, a flexible working model was developed.  Leaders were engaged to co-create a future which encompassed a workable balance of individual and team needs, along with tools to ensure performance and communication were enhanced.

Shifting mindsets

The success of flexible working not only rests on good policy and office design, but also with leaders having a flexible mindset and new skills.  Amicus further supported Land Services SA with leadership training and support to enable reflection and development of flexible working expertise.

The Change Journey

Amicus continues to partner with Land Services SA and the change journey as they build their new office and complete the transformation process.  This process hasn’t just positively engaged employees and provided leaders with new skills; it has also delivered a 20% reduction in total floor space, thereby directly delivering to the bottom line.

Long-term partnerships with organisation such as Land Services SA is where Amicus thrives, where we can develop solutions to meet an organisation’s evolving needs and co-create the best possible outcomes together.


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