A year in review

The COVID-19 outbreak is one of many events that have made 2020 a year like no other. From the public health crisis - and its toll on mental health, and small businesses - to the extremity of climate change, this year has brought more challenges than many could have imagined. Challenges no one was prepared for, changing the way we live, the style of work and how we connect with each other.

As an organisation that has been practising high-flexibility and remote work for many years now, we thankfully did not have to make significant updates to our patterns of work or technology to accommodate many of the required changes. We have had the opportunity to share our experience and insight with many others who were at the beginning of changing flexible working practices.

In 2020, we reaffirmed our mission to positively inspire as many people globally as possible, with a focus on our Strategy, Design and Technology solutions. We also announced a new operating delivery model - Keychain - and a new design briefing process, as we changed our perspective on what’s possible as we look towards the future.

Here is a snapshot of the year that was, including a selection of our top stories, project highlights and a look ahead to what 2021 will bring.
Workplace Strategist Lisa Justice on the Purposeful Office
As we move through 2020, the experience of living through a pandemic, now over nine months in, continues to surprise. The recovery timeline, both in terms of the economy and our ability to move freely, is longer and perhaps more unclear than we ever imagined. Remember the 'V-shaped’ recovery our politicians talked up? Lisa Justice shares her insight on making the most out of the disruption.
Pamela Kamenitsas on how COVID-19 has changed design
In the immediate term, business leaders were confronted with some tough decisions around business continuity. Most organisations temporarily closing their spaces – but the long-term effect this will have on working could be profound. How will this be the catalyst that redefines the workspace of the future?
Project Highlights
Case Study
Hydro Group
Collins St, Melbourne
Case Study
Unicef Australia
Pyrmont, Sydney
Case Study
EFM Logistics
Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin
Case Study
Star Scientific
Berkeley Vale, Central Coast
Case Study
Cover-More World Travel Protection
Adelaide St, Brisbane
Case Study
Shelston IP
Margaret St, Sydney
Case Study
Association of Independent Schools
York St, Sydney
Case Study
Planet Innovation
Elgar Rd, Box Hill

The Future of the Workplace.

The expectation of a vaccine in 2021 is a hopeful sign that the worst is behind us. This, combined with growing confidence, increasing resilience and wider recognition that a workspace can exist in widely different forms, provide a positive backdrop as 2020 is now behind us. However, the lesson from 2020 is that we will need to remain adaptable in the face of uncertainty.

There has been a lot of discussion in recent months and some wild predictions of what the future may hold. We sat down with Amicus Head of Workplace Strategy Steve Collis to bring some clarity to the debate. What do you think the workspace will look like in 12 months time?

Why COVID-safe offices could kill your workplace culture...
With a justifiable focus on safety, many organisations have taken an opt in approach to return to the office. As a result, the experience returning to the workplace now rarely matches a pre-COVID-19 workplace experience. Our very own Lisa Justice - Workplace Strategist - shares her insight on how to make your workplace a safe space that people want to return to.
How remote work is reiterating the value of physical workplaces
As many workers will agree, it feels great when your employer agrees to let you work remotely. Whether it’s one day a week at home or you’re following your partner overseas, the flexibility of remote working is a terrific perk. While remote work arrangements are becoming more common, the primary workplace is becoming increasingly valuable as a central hub of productivity driving the business forward.
M&C Saatchi Property Strategy
Case Study
A property decision in an unpredictable world

Is the working from home experience part of your workplace strategy?

Increasingly, organisations big and small, are announcing the ongoing commitment to supporting employees to work from home over the longer term. This is mostly great news for employees who have long valued flexibility and its personal benefits. However, there is an emerging missing link in this debate. How do we take into account the working from home experience and consider how well it matches that of the office?

We have just great things to say about designing and building our workspace with Amicus! Our new office is seamlessly supporting a culture of collaboration, belonging and pride.
We really appreciate the ‘partnership approach’ Amicus took, listening to our wishes as well as our budget constraints, making brilliant suggestions and designs and going the extra mile to make us a stylish, fun and functional office within our budget.
Having proved themselves a great partner on our previous project, Amicus again demonstrated their ability to remove most of the hassle from the whole laboratory build.
The ‘Hub and Spoke’ layout of the Command Centre brings medical, security, logistical and case management expertise together, designed to support customers through every step of their journey.

Projects coming soon in 2021

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