Case Study

Shelston IP

Margaret Street, Sydney
1,700 sqm


Shelston IP is one of the largest and most respected specialist intellectual property firms in Australia. With specialist services relating to the protection, management, commercialisation and enforcement of intellectual property – locally and internationally – Shelston IP are arguably, Australia’s fastest-growing IP firm. An upcoming move presented a powerful opportunity to work with Amicus for the evolving operational flexibility and collaborative nature of Shelston IP as an organisation.

A key strategic aspiration was to enable better cross-team collaboration driven by informal connections and ad-hoc interactions. Amicus and Shelston collaborated to redesign their traditional 2,500sqm space to condensed fully-agile, high-end 1,700sqm fit out. It was clear that the ability to focus without interruption was a critical ingredient for the firm's re-design. The overall vision for this project was to position Shelston IP as the frontrunner in the legal sector, to ensure employee retention and to promote talent acquisition.


A ‘hybrid open plan’ model was the solution in this project. A key phase of this project was to map out a set of teams to help coordinate the transition and to define a new way of working. Shelston IP and Amicus’ Workplace Strategy team worked to discover the right journey for their employees, to remove the prescriptive nature of their old ways of working and to welcome in a new thriving and open workspace.

Our approach was to layer out the offices into open spaces whilst still providing room for quiet working. Due to the nature of their industry, acoustics were a key focus in the design. Natural materials and high quality furniture has been used throughout the space emphasising the refined Shelston IP brand identity.


The final result is a modern high-spec workspace with new client-facing zones and an abundance of spaces for collaboration. All employees sit in teams in an open plan area with easy access to quiet spaces and meeting rooms. This new space resulted in a 30% reduction in their footprint while offering even more natural light.

This transition is considered to be a clear success, with employees happy and thriving in the new environment. The focus spaces are being used as intended, for in-depth work and small meetings, often involving mentoring. Their open space has a nice 'hum' to it, neither too quiet or noisy, with enhanced collegiality and rapport across employees and teams.

Their open space has a nice 'hum' to it, neither too quiet or noisy, with enhanced collegiality and rapport across employees and teams.
- Steve Collis, Head of Workplace Strategy
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