Case Study


Kingsgrove, New South Wales
100 sqm


The online retail pharmaceutical disruptor, Eucalyptus, wanted to convert their existing warehouse into a cohesive compound pharmacy and distribution centre. It was essential that these spaces supported the backbone of Eucalyptus’ operations to form a seamless production line that could help improve productivity and be easily replicated by the company nationwide. What began as minor works, became a project with its own unique challenges that required expertise and industry knowledge.

Rigorous regulations in the pharmaceutical industry initially caused Eucalyptus various compliance issues. It was important that potential pollutants from the lab were safely contained and managed to avoid exposure. Additionally, the products needed to be stored and conserved in storage rooms with accurately temperate controlled environments to meet the safety requirements.


Collaborating seamlessly, the final product was built to meet the Pharmacy Council’s strict compliance for Non - Sterile Complex Compounding pharmacies whilst still delivering a sophisticated design and providing a functioning space that could efficiently drive Eucalyptus’ vision and expansion. Adjustments were made to the air management systems to create a controlled environment for the safe manufacture and storage of medication and chemicals.

In the lab, the edges of windows and the electrical conduit were reworked to prevent particulates from escaping. These were crucial elements that ensured the project complied with national standards and ultimately saved Eucalyptus from having to move to a new facility. Within the chemistry lab notable features included custom made chemical resistant lab benches, stainless steel bench sinks, and an emergency shower and eye wash dispenser. The distribution centre houses fume cupboards and racking to support productivity. To uphold Eucalyptus’ sustainability principles the team also prioritised the re-purposing of original joinery and furniture. As a trusted advisor, Amicus Labline consulted Eucalyptus on how to navigate the challenges facing compliance, providing a cost-effective turnkey solution.


Throughout the project, Amicus Labline provided expertise and consistent knowledge of Australia’s pharmaceutical standards.

Eucalyptus was able to harness Amicus Labline’s extensive experience in Laboratory fitouts, repurposing their existing premises to save extensive costs while still receiving a superior facility.

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