Case Study


Brisbane, Queensland
450 sqm


RetireAustralia is a leading owner, operator and developer of retirement communities across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. During COVID, much like many organisations, the Queensland team experienced a major staff shift and traditional office systems were no longer suitable. Aiming to re-align their workspace to accommodate a more flexible and focused team,  RetireAustralia engaged  Amicus under a  Workplace  Strategy, Design and Construct delivery model to create an office environment that could support activity-based working  (ABW).  With their current lease set to expire,  RetireAustralia wanted to minimise the overlap of payments on the space. The Amicus team aimed to expedite the process where possible whilst delivering an impressive design on budget. 


The Workplace Strategy team established a high flex way of working to benefit heavy staff numbers on office days and still create a hive of activity on quieter days. To support this balance the team produced a New Ways of Working guide for RetireAustralia to maximise the use of their new facilities. 

Experimenting with angles, heights of furniture, walls and openings influenced the schematic design of the space and allowed RetireAustralia to visualise the range of flexible zones for their new ABW demands. Colours and finishes were selected to encapsulate a welcoming and open aesthetic with breeze blocks, flooring selections, warm corporate tones and pops of colours for moments of excitement. The contemporary design fosters collaboration in the large open spaces but ensures moments for focus time with screening elements, touchdown points and phone booths. Quiet zones are strategically distanced from breakout and collab areas, encouraging ABW behaviours.  

All meeting rooms are purpose-built with video conferencing and collaboration tools to achieve a more equitable hybrid meeting experience. Integration of digital whiteboarding tools like the Neat Board encourages ideation and allows remote colleagues to dial in and contribute to brainstorming sessions virtually


The new office space cultivates connection and harmony through thoughtful design and technology. Zoning supports a variety of activities and work settings that seamlessly transition staff to an ABW model. The warm and welcoming feel earns the commute and motivates staff to utilise the facilities every day enhancing productivity, collaboration and culture 

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