Case Study

Craveable Brands

Chatswood, NSW
1,055 sqm


Amicus was entrusted with the exciting opportunity to transform Craveable Brands' workplace environment.

Craveable Brands, known for their ownership of popular fast-food chains like Oporto, Red Rooster, and Chicken Treat, sought a dynamic workspace that embodied their core values of "We love food" and "We love people".

This endeavour aimed to consolidate their operations from two floors into a single, vibrant workspace that encourages collaboration, creativity, and connection among their staff. 

  • Amicus conducted a thorough Direction Setting process to establish a clear vision for the project.

    The primary objective was to consolidate Craveable Brands' operations onto one floor and create an inviting workspace that would inspire collaboration, creativity, and connection among employees.
  • Our Interior Design team drew inspiration from Craveable Brands' strong brand identity and core values. The company's commitment to "We love food" and "We love people" served as the foundation for the design concept.

    Additionally, Craveable Brands collaborated with a local Aboriginal artist, "INYADOT ART," who contributed artwork and mural pieces reflecting the company's brand colours to nod to the company's path to reconciliation.

    The Breakout space emerged as the focal point of the design, embodying the company's love for food and people. This space served as a hub for socialisation and celebration of food, uniting Craveable's two passions. The Breakout space also featured elements celebrating Australia's heritage and Indigenous culture, acknowledging the land on which they operate.
  • To promote collaboration throughout the workspace, Amicus incorporated numerous collaborative workspaces across the floorplate.

    These spaces encouraged employees to work together seamlessly, fostering a culture of teamwork and innovation.
  • Amicus leveraged existing furniture to align with sustainability and budgetary goals.

    While integrating the existing furniture into the new design posed some challenges, Amicus successfully incorporated these pieces while maintaining a neutral colour palette where needed.


The newly designed workspace aligns seamlessly with Craveable Brands' core values and brand identity, fostering a deep connection to food and people among employees.

The introduction of collaborative workspaces promotes a culture of innovation and teamwork, enhancing creativity and productivity. Sustainability is prioritised through the repurposing of existing furniture, showcasing a commitment to both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. The incorporation of Indigenous artwork and the "Sunburnt Country" concept reflects cultural respect and corporate social responsibility.

The Craveable Brands workplace fitout not only exemplifies Amicus' prowess in creating dynamic and purpose-driven environments but also stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, innovation, and the betterment of workplace experiences.

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