Case Study

67 High Street Building Works

Toowong, Queensland
200 sqm


The family owned, 67 High St building was at a juncture after ending a lease with a singular long term tenant. Repositioning the asset, the building required upgrades to cater to a future tenant base. Situated on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD, it was critical that the building had adequate facilities to meet the needs of a diverse tenant base, making the asset an appealing leasing option.


Amicus worked in close partnership with the superintendent and real estate agent to help create a tailored solution to address their goal; to create an appealing and diverse home for prospective tenants. 

Before works were underway to convert the floors into smaller tenancies. Amicus worked to design and construct the base building works. Upgrades were needed to mechanical services and air conditioning systems to adapt the building for multiple tenancies. Additionally, external works and painting were completed to freshen the building. Internally, end of trip facilities were built with lockers, bathrooms and bike racks to offer tenants the amenities available in inner-city buildings. Upgrades were completed on the lobby and entrance with refurbishments also made to the lifts. 


The building was successfully converted into a thriving and diverse business hub. As a result of the upgrades, all but the smallest of the new tenancies had been leased before construction had completed. This result, in a Covid landscape, was a testament to the close partnership of all stakeholders, realising their vision and repositioning the asset for a sustainable future. 

During the construction phases of the project Amicus was always reliable providing real time feedback and demonstrated their wealth of experience when it came to building compliance and construction best practices.
- Shane Van Beest - National Director, Office Leasing
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