Case Study

Civil Engineer (Confidential)

McDougall Street, Milton
2,100 sqm


With their lease expiry coinciding with that of subsidiary businesses, our client decided it was a great opportunity to unify the organisational structure and co-locate both businesses under one roof. Our client saw this move as a chance to positively impact staff culture and were committed to the design process throughout.

Working closely with key decision-makers, we were able to deliver on design, programme and budget within a short timeframe, highlighting our ability to act quickly during the early stages of this project.


The existing workspace was outdated and no longer complemented the shift in their way of working. Their new space needed to allow for collaboration between different teams and for better connection between individuals. Our design team enabled this by allowing for a mixture of open plan workstations, hot-desks, offices and a range of meeting room sizes. A variety of different workspaces has offered staff the flexibility and choice for their preferred way of working which provides for the ability to perform at their best.

From a design perspective we were able to showcase our clients branding through subtle references to their corporate colours and visual cues to their work setting through the use of natural materials, inspired by the outside environment.


As part of the cultural uplift piece, it was very important to the business that their new kitchen and breakout areas not only be visually appealing but an inviting space for staff to relax and connect during down time. Function was also a priority as these spaces will cater to large events, Town Halls and staff social engagements.

We helped our client achieve their vision by working closely to provide an outstanding state of the art space that suited all of their needs - both functionally and aesthetically.

The look and feel of the new space is viewed as an extension of their values and vision.

Amicus did a tremendous job delivering what was promised. The feedback from our people has been overwhelmingly positive and most importantly, everyone is settled in and productive.
- Program Manager
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