Case Study

Burnie Brae

Chermside, Brisbane
420 sqm


Amicus met Burnie Brae early 2022 following some significant damage to their office from the Brisbane floods. While this was devasting, they quickly saw the opportunity to reimagine their property strategy and to better support how their teams work in the office.

With aim to enliven their newly purchased office space, Burnie Brae engaged Amicus to deliver a strategy, design and fit out of their 18 Kuran St office. Occupying the space as a rental allowed staff to realise the existing layout hindered their ability to collaborate effectively. With a neighbouring office at 60 Kuran St operating as their headquarters, the new fit out would provide a shared working environment to accommodate a smaller community focused team.

While restoring the flood damage, the Amicus delivery team also utilised existing services and portions of the previous build to maintain a sensible scope which allowed the project to be delivered within budget and on time. 


The Amicus Strategy team worked with Burnie Brae facilitating workshops and undertaking a survey across both sites to create a vision for a future workplace which would fully support a hybrid workforce. Once the brief was complete, Burnie Brae’s vision of a welcoming and inviting space was realised by maximising the floor area and natural lighting for a variety of zones including work, collaboration, meeting, training, and quiet spaces.

An arrangement of sit-to-stand desks, fixed workstations and touchdown points offered a functional solution for their requirements of a more agile environment. The design was based on the concept of nature, where its varied forms marry an array of rich colours and aesthetics. Furniture and finishes were also derived from Burnie Brae’s corporate colour palette to present a visually united office space.

A key component to the redesign was introducing an obvious entry point for staff and visitors to feel welcomed. Open collaborative areas stem from a central spine of rooms through the floorplate enhancing the versatility of the space. The existing kitchen and breakout area also required a strategic redesign to promote more socialisation and shared moments.


The overall design offers to impress visitors and clients by providing a contemporary, inviting and highly flexible work environment for staff that encourages, collaboration, productivity and a sense of community.

The new office creates a haven for employees and volunteers to better connect and bring their core purpose to life within the space.

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