Case Study

BUMA Australia

South Brisbane, Queensland
1,118 sqm


After a successful business sale process, the newly formed BUMA Australia required an office which catered to the expected company growth while creating a flexible working environment. Company culture was a key factor during the design conceptualisation stage. The measure of success being how the design enabled collaboration, productivity and set the team up for a successful future.   


The design of the office was paramount to creating an exciting and vibrant working environment. The look and feel of the office are a nod to company branding, while deepening the colour palette for a relaxed atmosphere.

Soft timber accents create a sense of calm and harmony between the built and natural environment.  The kitchen breakout area is a contemporary and agile space built to create a sense of community. Featuring dynamic furniture and joinery, the space is a hub of activity. A wide range of connections are catered for in the new design, from collaborative focus time around an open meeting pod to hosting a town hall meeting from the tiered seating. Fixed desks zones are available for regular attendees, while others can utilise hot desking arrangements while they’re between office and site. 

The integrated technology systems played an important role in creating harmony between staff and clients, on and off site. VC enabled meeting rooms with simple plug-and-play technology allows staff to quickly join meetings and share information. While room booking systems work harmoniously with staff calendars to ensure staff have access to the right spaces at the right time.  


The BUMA Australia office is a relaxed and welcoming home base for staff. A place for celebrating achievements, connecting with colleagues and collaborating on projects. 

The coherence between design and technology creates an energetic setting, fostering connection between staff in office and offsite. The variety of work settings support existing staff working habits while encouraging new ways of working.  

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