Case Study

Jellis Craig

Richmond, Victoria
1,000 sqm


With plans to relocate, Jellis Craig (Richmond) were presented with an opportunity to design a modern office and update their meeting room technology. Collaborating closely with the leadership team, our designers gained a clear understanding of how the office was to look and feel. Jellis Craig wanted a space that would better reflect their distinct brand and values, while being a sleek and professional office to welcome clients. 

The technology needed to be intuitive and seamless to use, with easy connectivity to support hybrid meetings. Getting the concept plan right in the initial stages ensured a streamlined delivery throughout the project. 


Our experienced office designers honed in on the office’s key focal points including the entrance, the breakout spaces and meeting rooms. Each area is specific to what Jellis Craig envisioned and how they wanted the overall office to take shape. 

The entrance is an inviting place to meet and greet clients and other external stakeholders. The wood panelled ceiling with seating for short and casual interactions creates an appealing experience upon entry.  

The kitchen area and break-out space represent an urban oasis, enticing staff to work from the office. The use of dark tones paired with natural light and lush greenery brings to life an urban sanctuary where staff can unwind and feel inspired.  

To improve collaboration and hybrid working, meeting rooms are set up with comfortable seating, easy tech functionality, and good acoustics. Equipped with large screens, high quality cameras, speakers, and a booking system, the easy-to-use technology has been a catalyst for collaborative and equitable hybrid meetings 


The new office fitout creates an experience for staff to collaborate, re-energise and feel inspired. The meeting rooms have already seen a considerable uptake in usage due to the easy-to-use technology and high-quality equipment.

Bringing people back together, the space has improved connections and becomes a place where staff genuinely enjoy working. It has notably shaped how staff work, strengthening organisational culture and capturing the Jellis Craig values.

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