Case Study

Val Morgan &

Cremorne, Melbourne
800 sqm


Val Morgan (part of HOYTS Group) is Australia and New Zealand’s leading national supplier of screen advertising. As an expanding company, they had outgrown their existing facilities and needed an office space to reflect their progressive values in their fresh facility.

Collaboration has become an ubiquitous goal among many forward-thinking companies and therefore a priority for Val Morgan. There was an acknowledgment that strong interdepartmental connections were difficult to build in the previous building due to multiple floors which did not allow for many common shared spaces.

Walking into an open design with very limited walls, top floor, breath-taking views. The potential for the space was unlimited.


The future workforce will demand more flexibility, especially in where, when, and how people work. But companies and employees alike still crave meeting in person for specific work activities that aren’t as effective when based at home.

Amicus was bold and ambitious, approaching Val Morgan with a sleek, modern design featuring curved lines, and rich emerald green, developed in collaboration with Hot Black. As you enter the space you are greeted with a grand breakout area with soaring ceilings, curved walls and pendant lights. Plants and increased daylight in the workspace have been proven to have performance benefits. We utilised the incredible natural light, with the introduction of greenery throughout the space. We condensed each working space into one dynamic floor, making work and collaboration more efficient and allowing the flexibility that workers have had an appetite for in recent years.


The collaboration with Val Morgan and Amicus resulted in delivering a world-class workspace on a budget during a global pandemic. All teams are now situated on the same floor, allowing for seamless collaboration. Employees are finding they prefer to work in the office, as the fresh facilities and technology created a more efficient working environment.

Modern in design, the overall result is fresh and adapted to Val Morgan’s current business needs while also being flexible to allow for future growth. The future of work is collaboration. Preparing spaces today ensures employees have a space to grow tomorrow.

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