Case Study


Chatswood, Sydney
1,200 sqm


Directed by a global shift in their way of working, iNova required a flexible and adaptive work environment to cater to their new work style. The space needed to feel homely, to reduce the impact from working between the home and office. Functionality was a key factor, each work zone had to be easily accessible with simple to use, integrated technology solutions. A highly tailored and intelligent design would be needed to address these requirements while also providing a contemporary office for years to come.


iNova wanted to explore how moving to a flexible way of working would affect their spatial requirements. Through leadership workshops, the Amicus Workplace Strategy team identified the solutions to address iNova’s new office needs.  Amicus Design worked closely with the team to create a dynamic and functional plan to realise this vision.  

Instead of the existing rigid workstations, energising zones were created to spark collaboration. Opening the workspace for flexible working means that the space is used more efficiently, and for multiple purposes. iNova staff can now have informal meetings in the large café-style breakout area or use the 2 person, VC enabled phonebooths to have a private phone call or conversation. Booths in the breakout area can be used for small group huddles, a space for meals – or both at the same time.  

To create a warm and welcoming office for staff and visitors, warm timbers were paired with accent colours pulled from iNova’s brand guidelines. Working with the curved perimeter of the building, the space flows organically, guided by the feature carpet and strategic placement of the work zones.  

Complimenting this arrangement, a range of alternative furniture was installed to help facilitate the needs of the space. Tiered seating is available for group presentations and company announcements. Jellybean desks with acoustic and foliage screens are ideal for drop in conversations and brainstorming. Arched desks are used in VC rooms so all participants are facing the screen while not blocking each other from view.  

The flexible work arrangements are supported by an integrated system of tools provided by Amicus Technology. Each zone required simple plug-and-play technology to connect with people remotely and smoothly cast from personal devices.  


iNova’s new office helps staff work together, even when working remotely. Encouraging seamless collaboration and a lively atmosphere which makes the space an inviting place to work and connect. They were able to drastically reduce their office space, by adapting to a flexible workplace. Reducing their occupancy by a whole floor decreased their spending on rent significantly, while also having a highly tailored solution to make the most out of every square metre 

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