Case Study


Client Experience Centre

Chatswood, New South Wales
200 sqm


In the last 18 months, Crestron has expanded their range of solutions to drive innovation in the new hybrid working reality. There was a need to refresh and upgrade the way that they displayed their products to improve the experience of the customer as they walked through the Crestron office.

The Client Experience Centre needed to be a space where clients and staff alike could interact with the technology, displayed in a native functional environment. Working closely with Crestron, the Amicus design team devised to create a solution that accurately met their vision while designing a space that was interactive and engaging.


The 6 newly built hybrid office spaces include technology for room booking, wireless presentations, video conferencing, touchless Covid-Safe controls and cloud management.

Instead of an unengaging wall of black display boxes, Amicus worked with a local supplier to create a statement piece of custom joinery to exhibit the technology in an open and purposeful 360-degree environment. Clients are greeted with this piece as soon as they exit the elevators into the space, establishing a remarkable first impression. Clients and staff can use the area as a place to hold meetings, for storage, to socialise or to present on a screen with a pop-out mechanism, which can be hidden when not in use.

There are multifunctioning seating arrangements ideal for both small groups and one on one conversations, integrated with technology which is simple to use. Private and open sophisticated meeting spaces encourage collaboration while featuring technology for simple technology solutions which simply work.


The Client Experience Centre quickly became a central hub acting as a gathering point, encouraging innovation, exploration and frictionless collaboration.

Integrating the Technology solution with the Design and Built experience, Amicus was able to deliver something special to introduce customers to Crestron’s products as workspaces open up again.

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