Case Study

International Grammar School

Ultimo, Sydney
350 sqm


Situated within moments of Sydney's CBD, International Grammar School is a uniquely independent, coeducational, secular school offering quality teaching for early learning, primary and high school students through to Year 12.

Our client reached out to us due to our strong capability in delivering inspirational Education and Laboratory spaces, and with a strong focus on designing dynamic and collaborative environments, we were well-positioned to translate their vision.

We conducted a briefing workshop to better understand the needs of our client, discovering the need to design a variety of workspaces to meet the desired outcomes for each of the laboratories. Together with key stakeholders, we reviewed the existing layout to establish what needed improvement and what needed a complete change to incorporate their requirements to ensure a workable space for all.


It was decided that the overall orientation and central focus would need to be designed. Due to a tight budget, we had to be creative in retaining and reusing existing services. We redesigned our existing modular units, tweaking them to suit the needs of the respective science laboratories. Materials were analysed to establish the best fit, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

Benches requiring a specific and unique use, were designed bespoke, to allow maximum versatility and multi-purpose use. An example of this was the sit-stand bench, placed on adjustable feet and casters allowing students to easily move the bench around. When in the seated position, the benches would be situated in the centre of the classroom and could be placed individually or as back to back, creating multiple hubs or collaborative working spaces. When the benches were raised they could be wheeled to the perimeter of the classroom, where they would sit flush with the fixed service benches.


Many innovative learning spaces can leave teachers, students and parents bewildered. We understand that the measure of a learning space is the actual learning that occurs. Even the Teacher’s bench was redesigned so that it remained mobile while still providing sufficient workspace above and storage below.

The design phase was iterative in process, to ensure all stakeholders were comfortable with the final product. The scope of works included; demolition of floor surfaces and removal of all existing benches and joinery, new vinyl floor with coving, above and below bench joinery, benches of varying height, mobile teachers bench and laboratory-grade stainless steel sinks and taps.

This new space further promotes how the science laboratory focus is no longer around the teacher but rather with an emphasis on collaboration and flexible working environments.

The team at Amicus are enthusiastic about “new age” laboratories - adding colour and vibrancy to create a fun and exciting learning experience.
- Jon Rogow, Project Director - Amicus
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