Case Study


Melbourne, Victoria
1,000 sqm


Due to rapid growth in 2021, the international software company, Dubber planned to expand and modernise their office space to truly reflect the Dubber brand and the people behind it.

Dubber engaged Amicus to build a three-floor fit out to enhance connectivity and enable more hybrid ways of working to become a future-proof workplace. The space has been developed to reinvigorate current staff morale and attract further talent within a competitive employment market.


To implement Dubber’s vision, Amicus teamed up with Hot Black to deliver a functional three-floor fit out accompanied by high-quality technology solutions.

Each floor serves as a unique purpose; Level 5 is set up for the back of house programmers and operational team while Level 7 provides a dedicated area for management and corporate activities. Level 6 is an inviting breakout space designed to create an immersive client and staff experience featuring a pool table, a large TV, and various seating throughout the breakout area to encourage moments of casual interactions. Together, these details create a comforting atmosphere and ensure a lasting impression. To improve wellbeing and connectivity to nature, spaces were curated to maximise the natural light with earthy colours, materials and lush greenery integrated throughout.

As easy connectivity was paramount in creating a flexible working environment, Amicus Technology implemented bookable meeting spaces, and high-quality projective screens, video devices, whiteboard capturing systems and speakers to support hybrid working.


The new space has evoked a sense of excitement for the people behind Dubber whilst creating a memorable experience for their clients. Connectivity between team members and clients has improved, with various spaces to experiment and collaborate. This has resulted in greater flexibility for users in how they choose to work. Solidifying the brand image, the new fit out encapsulates Dubber’s rebrand and supports its key operations improving overall productivity.

With the two company cultures aligning closely, Amicus and Dubber developed a strong working relationship throughout the project.

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