Case Study


South Melbourne, Victoria
1,500 sqm


In 2020, the childcare software company Xplor had plans to bring three different offices and working styles to one central location at 101 Moray St, South Melbourne. Xplor wanted to enhance collaboration between teams, improve communication and create an enriching experience for their staff. Amicus has been engaged to deliver a full package of solutions, integrating workplace strategy, to design and construction along with workplace technology implementation.

We worked closely with the leadership team at Xplor to understand the goals for the new workplace and identified key shared aspirations for the project.


It was important to Xplor to create a great experience for visitors and employees so a striking arrival space with an intuitive way finding were key, along with striking and sleek design features to inspire curiosity & conversation.

Our design partner, Hot Black, ensured that the design colour palette was centered around their branding identity enhancing the modern and smart ambience. Natural light pours into the space, where the implementation of greenery encourages connection with the outdoor area, providing a sense of harmony throughout. To create the flexible working style they desired, we ensured there were a true diversity of spaces – focus/quiet, open and closed meeting, team zones, informal spaces and a large breakout with flexible furniture for multi-purpose use.

We also designed and integrated technology into the workplace with a goal of ‘frictionless mobility’ which meant mobile workplace technology for all staff, seamless VC / presentation connectivity in all rooms and collaboration areas, shared collaboration platforms and high performance WIFI throughout.


The office space was designed to ensure that the diverse teams and divisions were connected and in line with the newly formed brand and culture. We developed shared spaces, encouraging unplanned moments of connection which turned the workplace into a bustling community.

The new workplace gives Xplor’s employees choice, autonomy and change – an environment where people and spaces can be fluid when needed, ultimately enabling staff to thrive, be successful and deliver on the business goals of Xplor.

The Amicus team has been incredibly collaborative, extremely thorough, professional and super easy to work with. Everyone clearly worked hard to build good relationships and it has definitely benefited us. The space looks super cool!
Lucy Taylor - Director, Property and Facilities
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