Case Study

Siemens Healthineers

Camberwell, Melbourne
1,200 sqm


As pioneers in Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers relocated to new premises with the desire to positively impact their workforce. Amicus came on board to drive the transition to more flexible ways of working and transform the office to support collaborative and agile work habits.

The new office fit out provided an opportunity for Siemens Healthineers to reimagine their brand identity and look at how they could further improve on attracting and retaining talent.


The design was crafted in collaboration with Futurespace, resulting in an office that provides a sense of energy and warmth, and inspires curiosity and excitement. The classic corporate palette is juxtaposed with injections of soft colours and plants to bring the office to life.

The design also works to target the natural light and enhance the openness of the space. Colours and messaging behind Siemens Healthineers “Circle of Life” Artwork is evidently woven throughout the design. To enable agile ways of working a variety of work zones have been curated: from booths and pods for short VC meetings, collaborative settings with mobile furniture, to break out areas and a complete tech-enabled boardroom.


Flexible working has the potential to improve collaboration, connections and drive performance when approached in the right way. The thoughtful designs have helped to eliminate barriers and create a space where agile working can be embraced.

The newly fitted office supports team neighbourhoods where staff have the option of working side by side, collaborate and fit in some focus time based on the task at hand. The new space is where staff can now feel galvanised and fulfilled as they step into a sense of belonging and a newfound pride. This strong sense of culture is what also retains and attracts talent as they do meaningful work within a supportive environment.

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