Case Study

Elizabeth Morgan House

Fairfield, Melbourne
340 sqm


Elizabeth Morgan House (EMH) is a non-profit organisation that provides support to Aboriginal women and children experiencing family violence.

Seeking to create a space that reflects the organisation's mission and values, EMH approached Traditional Projects, our First Nations partner organisation for their expertise in construction project management.

Recognising the significance of this project, Amicus joined the team to design and construct a transformative office fitout. Throughout the project, Amicus not only contributed financially but also offered pro-bono hours to ensure its success. 


The design brief for this project was clear—to create a space that serves as a safe haven for families seeking support. The aim was to evoke emotions of warmth, calmness, and a sense of comfort, while also providing a functional and flexible working environment.  

The safety of the visitors was paramount to the design, to maintain privacy and security, visual connectivity was maintained between the reception area and quiet rooms, allowing the receptionist to monitor the space. 

The interior design of the workspace focused on creating a collaborative environment for staff, ensuring functionality and versatility and providing private and quiet spaces for counselling sessions. The design incorporated a dedicated training room that can be expanded for events by opening an operable wall to the open kitchen and breakout area.  

Working with the budget considerations, Traditional Projects, in partnership with the Amicus Construction Delivery team and our generous suppliers used innovative approaches to deliver a high-end space that met EMH's needs. The design focused on fostering connections within the space, allowing these women and their families to embark on a journey of healing and empowerment. 


The transformed office fitout for EMH has provided significant benefits. The space fosters an emotional connection, offering warmth, calmness, and support as a safe haven for women and children. It enables new ways of working for their team, promoting collaboration and flexibility. EMH can now host events and training sessions, expanding its community impact. The carefully crafted design positively impacts families, empowering their healing journey. 

The Elizabeth Morgan House project stands as a testament to the power of design and construction to create transformative spaces. Through careful planning, creativity, and dedication, Amicus, Traditional Projects and EMH have succeeded in constructing an office fitout that not only meets functional requirements but also provides a sanctuary to enable them to continue their important work.  

An ongoing partnership

As part of Amicus's commitment to creating positive impacts on people's lives, ongoing donations and pro-bono work will continue to support Elizabeth Morgan House and align with our First Nations Action Plan.

The relationship between Amicus and EMH has evolved into a partnership, focused on mutual learning and collaboration, as both organisations strive to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. 

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