Case Study



North Sydney, New South Wales
800 sqm
Completed 2020


Equigroup, an Australian company acquired by the German asset management firm CHG-MERIDIAN, faced challenges within their office space. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for an efficient workplace strategy. Amicus established a strong relationship with Equigroup’s leadership team who recognised the necessity for an updated office design to improve employee experience. Through careful consultation and design development, an open plan office was created to optimise the floor space for hybrid teams and improve cross team collaboration.

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During the pandemic, Amicus spearheaded a comprehensive Workplace Strategy for Equigroup. Our Strategy, Technology and Leadership teams engaged Equigroup's workforce through surveys and workshops, discovering their preference for a hybrid work model that combined remote and office-based work. Recognising this opportunity, Amicus collaborated with Equigroup's local leadership to create a vision for a modern workspace that prioritised employee well-being and productivity.


  • The design of the space is welcoming and comfortable, while still offering strong brand alignment. The breakout space maximises the harbour views with an open plan kitchen while the booth seating can also be used for casual meetings. Warmth is brought into the space with timber and statement pendant lighting, contrasting the bold navy of the brand. Throughout the space, the concrete support columns are integrated into the design maximising the architecture of the building, providing seating, work areas and bench space. The resulting solution was an Activity-Based Working environment, offering diverse and collaborative workspaces for meetings, focused work, privacy, and fostering interdepartmental connections through a central social area
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  • Mobility, collaboration and ease of connectivity was of paramount importance as was simple, easy-to-use and reliable technology to boost collaboration, encourage engagement and improve employee experience. The boardroom provides a great meeting experience for employees and visitors using high quality videoconferencing technology and Microsoft Teams Room. It opens into the breakout area creating a larger, technology enabled space to be used for training sessions, social events and town hall meetings. Smaller meeting rooms provide a simple, one-touch to join experience for Microsoft Teams calls using Crestron Flex technology. Teams enabled room booking panels from Crestron show availability of rooms using an LED light and allow employees to book an instant Teams meeting from the touch panel.
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It has been a pleasure to go on the journey with Amicus as they expertly guided us to a new way of working, creating a high-quality designed office environment, with fit-for-purpose technology.


The new office layout, combined with Microsoft Teams Room video-conferencing systems, facilitated better communication and collaboration among teams, enhancing the overall work environment. The incorporation of various workspaces catered to different employee needs, ensuring a balance between social interaction and focused work. Equigroup's successful transition to the open-plan layout demonstrated an embrace of modern workspace trends, which positively impacted their brand experience and company culture.

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