Case Study

Hanson Australia

Sydney CBD
650 sqm
Completed 2022


In collaboration with our design partner, Sestra, we were thrilled to embark on a workplace relocation project for Hanson Australia, a prominent player in the building materials industry. This project centred around transforming the iconic 35 Clarence Street into Hanson’s Sydney Headquarters, with a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration and creating a post-COVID workspace that would unite their team and encourage progressive thinking.

Project Gallery


The heart of the new workspace is the breakout/café area strategically located near the entrance. This space serves as a comfortable ‘holding area’ for visitors and features custom terrazzo flooring and a striking green metal pan ceiling, adding warmth and an unconventional touch to the Hanson entry. The breakout area seamlessly transitions to the multifunctional enclosed meeting room zone, creating a dynamic flow within the front of the house. The bar-style kitchen not only becomes a focal point for client functions but also provides an ideal spot for the team to unwind.

One standout feature is the biophilic aesthetic integrated with lush plantings, enhancing the inviting atmosphere visible from the lobby. In the general work areas, a variety of work settings were carefully curated, including traditional sit-to-stand team tables, booths, circular lounges and high benches. This diversity was designed to promote collaboration, idea-sharing and flexible agile working, perfectly tailored to the needs of Hanson’s dynamic team.

The building’s unique shape allowed for a generous lounge area that maximises the stunning Harbour vista, creating an inspiring backdrop for daily activities. Smaller meeting spaces and focus rooms are strategically dispersed throughout the workspace, offering discreet areas for collaboration, interaction and private video calls. This thoughtful design ensures that every corner of the office caters to the diverse needs of the Hanson team, providing both an open and collaborative environment as well as private spaces for focused work.

The end result is a beautifully designed office interior, delivered on time and on budget, that not only satisfies current workplace trends, but also fits us as a business now and will continue to do so into the future.
- Alisa Boyd-Wells, Corporate Communications Manager


The successful execution of this project aligns seamlessly with the key design objectives outlined in the original brief. The new workspace not only meets but exceeds the expectations of Hanson’s team, providing a dynamic and progressive environment. The carefully crafted design encourages interactive thinking, collaboration and adaptability – essential elements for a modern and thriving workplace. Beyond meeting functional requirements, the project has transformed the workplace into a vibrant and inviting space that reflects Hanson’s identity.

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