Case Study

Shine Lawyers

Six Offices in Metro & Regional Locations


Shine Lawyers sought a Design and Construction partner who could meet their needs on a national scale, serving as a single point of contact with a vast network of suppliers.

With projects spanning Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, they required a partner capable of managing multiple fitouts concurrently. Amicus was engaged to design and construct six regional and inner-city office spaces for Shine Lawyers.

The reliable allocation of resources and national operating capacity greatly facilitated the seamless and timely execution of these projects.

Company Alignment

From early interactions, Shine Lawyers and Amicus identified a shared alignment in values and vision. Both organisations take pride in supporting clients and the communities in which we work and reside, with local representation and national reach.

Amicus is dedicated to creating inspiring spaces that not only reflect the culture and values of our clients but also promote productivity and well-being. Similarly, Shine Lawyers embody a shared commitment to making a positive impact by ensuring access to justice for all.

Both organisations encourage their team members to volunteer their time and expertise for the betterment of charities, community groups, and other worthy causes.

With a culture of trust and development of its people as the cornerstone of their operations, Amicus and Shine Lawyers formed a strong partnership and successfully delivered six regional and inner-city offices over a duration of nine months.

These projects included Pakenham (188sqm), Melton South (223sqm), Sunshine (334sqm), and Melbourne CBD (960sqm) in Victoria, Logan (308sqm) in Queensland and Parramatta (600sqm) in New South Wales.

  • Working with Shine Lawyers on multiple projects concurrently involved a streamlined design and delivery process. Amicus developed a specialised process document specific to Shine Lawyers, which refined the briefing process and facilitated efficient project delivery.

    The collaboration began with discussions surrounding Shine Lawyer’s pain points and their need for a single point of contact. A strong company alignment saw this relationship evolve rapidly, starting with the national design delivery phase.

    The initial design elements for the first project seamlessly flowed into subsequent projects, creating a cohesive and consistent look and feel nationally. Concurrent discussions were taking place for different projects making the consistent resource allocation fundamental for the success of these projects.

    Project Managers were assigned to all projects in their respective State, ensuring local oversight and expertise. This approach ensured quality and dependability across the country while providing a seamless and well-managed transition for Shine Lawyers.

    Project timelines were based on estimated lease commencement dates for each location, with some tenants relocating from other sites requiring a faster turnaround. This required a streamlined internal process established through tight Project Control Group (PCG) meetings and additional weekly huddles.

    Amicus provided incumbent solutions and quick resolutions to any challenges that arose, whilst maintaining quality outcomes. The presence of consistent faces and a dedicated team throughout the projects contributed to a smooth and successful collaboration nationwide.
  • The Design
    The office interior design solutions were driven by a need to accommodate resource growth within the organisation. A series of refreshed offices that create a modern and more engaging environment with a focus on aligning the physical space with Shine Lawyers updated brand identity.

    One of the company’s requirements is bringing clients into their offices and creating a safe space to have sensitive and private interactions. Given the importance of security for staff-client relationships, the Amicus Design team carefully considered a division of front and back of house. The reception desk purposefully positioned near the entry allows for efficient management of incoming and outgoing clients. A clear line of sight to an inviting waiting area enhances communication and visibility from the first point of entry.

    Interview style rooms designed to accommodate four to six people comfortably are positioned front of house to facilitate client meetings or phone and video conferences.

    The value of privacy extends to employees who occupy the back of house areas including workstations and larger offices. This space is functional, efficient and prioritises productivity in a more traditional office structure. The space also includes a refreshed kitchen and open breakout area to give employees an opportunity for socialisation and collaboration.
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The journey with Shine Lawyers was founded on trust and collaboration, evident in the successful execution of each project. The design addresses Shine Lawyers' growth needs while incorporating a refreshed aesthetic in line with their brand identity.

The layout of breakout spaces encourages social interaction, while workstations and offices are designed to maximise functionality and privacy.

Amicus’ reliable allocation of resources over the duration of these projects reflects our strong employee retention and capacity to operate on a national scale. Together, we have cultivated a strong and lasting relationship, positioning Shine Lawyers as a valued "Client for Life."

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