Case Study

Kilcoy Global Foods

Kyneton, Victoria
973 sqm


Amicus was approached by Kilcoy Global Foods who had recently acquired an abattoir in Victoria. The client's vision was to build a new administrative facility that would house their administrative and leadership team.

They wanted a design that would seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape, provide easy access to the existing abattoir on the property, and maintain design consistency with their previous office projects completed by our team in Queensland.


Amicus collaborated with the client and various external agencies to deliver a comprehensive solution that met their functional and logistic requirements. The design phase played a crucial role in ensuring the new building harmonised with the natural surroundings while incorporating a contemporary aesthetic. By partnering with Barry Sweet Architects, Amicus was able to create a design that blended seamlessly with the landscape, respecting the existing environment.

Our Project Delivery team skilfully executed the construction process, ensuring that the new administrative facility met the highest standards of quality and functionality. Working in partnership with the client and RBD Engineers, Amicus seamlessly integrated cutting-edge engineering solutions to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of the building.

Throughout the project, Amicus provided robust project management services to ensure a smooth delivery. Coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including external agencies and the client, maintained clear communication channels and kept everyone aligned with project milestones. By effectively managing the project, Amicus ensured that all aspects, from design to construction, were in line with the client's vision.


The design, construction, and project management services provided by Amicus enabled the successful conversion of an abattoir into a contemporary administrative facility that truly stood out.

Above all, the client achieved a seamless integration of the new building with the natural landscape. The expertise of Barry Sweet Architects, combined with Amicus' interior design acumen, resulted in a structure that blended harmoniously with the surroundings. This integration not only enhanced the visual appeal but also minimised the environmental impact of the project.

Amicus' commitment to design consistency across their previous office projects ensured that the new administrative facility maintained a cohesive aesthetic with the client's existing Global offices in Queensland . This consistency not only created a sense of familiarity for the staff but also showcased the client's commitment to a unified brand identity, resulting in a building that surpassed functional expectations and provided an optimal work environment for the administrative and leadership team.

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