Case Study

WWF Australia

CBD, Sydney
340 sqm
Completed 2023


After the successful delivery of a project in Brisbane, WWF Australia approached Amicus to devise a strategy program to align their new approach to hybrid working with future space needs. WWF staff embraced remote work, and leaders wanted to support staff choices in where and when they work in the future. This led to a shift in the purpose of the office, moving away from a traditional head office concept to a more flexible, activity-based design that would support local teams to collaborate and connect or serve as a quality environment for individuals choosing to work from the office.

This change allowed for less total floor space, delivering both a better experience for employees and donors, and significantly reducing their overall property costs.

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Amicus helped WWF reach this conclusion by understanding their specific needs and future vision for hybrid working. Through discussions and careful consideration of the client's requirements, Our Interior Design team proposed a design concept that aligned with our Workplace Strategy findings and WWF's values, emphasising sustainability, collaboration and a positive work environment. Amicus worked closely with WWF to ensure the final design met their objectives and reflected the company's values.

To reflect the values of the organisation, the design inspiration revolved around natural elements, reflecting their commitment to environmental sustainability. The design aimed for a light and organic feel, incorporating WWF's unique flare seen in their existing office's artworks and artifacts. The main design consideration was to reflect the company's commitment to sustainability by reusing and recycling materials and choosing eco-friendly finishes.

The design used a monochromatic palette with neutral colours, along with timber and black accents, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The office layout emphasises flexibility and collaboration, providing open spaces for teamwork and breakout areas for meetings.

The overall ambience of the office is enhanced with the use of natural lighting, reducing the need for enclosed spaces. The design also complements the existing building finishes while creating an open and collaborative environment.


WWF’s office design created a flexible and engaging workspace that supported hybrid working. The new office layout reinforces their positive work culture, fostering teamwork, creativity and a sense of community among WWF employees.

Amicus delivered the project on time and within the client's budget, ensuring a cost-effective solution without compromising on the design quality. Finally, the design captured WWF's identity and purpose by incorporating their existing artworks and artifacts, resulting in a unique and inspiring working environment supporting a collaborative work culture for years to come.

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