Case Study


Sydney HQ

Circular Quay, Sydney
310 sqm
Completed 2023


The decision to refurbish Amicus's Sydney headquarters stemmed from a recognition of the evolving dynamics in the post-COVID work landscape. Seeking a more adaptable workspace, the aim was to enhance existing features and meet the changing needs of our team, aligning with our commitment to flexibility and client-centric solutions.

The motivation for the refurbishment included the necessity for additional meeting spaces, diverse working areas and the desire to reflect the unique needs of clients. The goal was to maintain the distinctiveness of the Sydney office, mirroring the counterparts in Brisbane and Melbourne, while also showcasing our capacity to provide tailored solutions.

Our existing office space demanded a facelift, as it no longer aligned with Amicus' design ethos. Since our last fit out, Amicus’ solutions have developed to offer Interior Design, Workplace Strategy, Workplace Technology and Change Management. This fit out journey not only represents a showcase of where we are now, but reflects the growth of our capabilities. The new design provides a home for our team and an innovative showroom for our clients for years to come.


The design concept centred on creating a timeless and warm atmosphere with organic elements, fostering a cosy yet professional ambiance. Designed to create an intuitive journey, the floorplan leads guests to the waiting area and breakout space with strategic flooring choices and joinery placement. The showroom experience was emphasised to exhibit Amicus’ solutions, featuring different room layouts, phone booths, quiet rooms, technology and touch-down desks all backed by strategy data gathered from the team.

The addition of five meeting spaces addressed the need for increased collaboration areas and private discussions, better utilising the floor space. The addition of dedicated zones for the growing interior design team, including material storage, design libraries, and presentation rooms, supported the team’s creativity and gives them a space to collaborate and share their ideas with clients.

A critical aspect of the refurbishment was the integration of contemporary workspace technology. Meeting spaces were equipped with cutting-edge solutions such as QSC Audio, Sennheiser Microphones, Samsung and Commbox Screens, Neat, Yealink, Condeco booking screens, and Logitech Windows-based Teams room systems. This ensures seamless virtual collaboration, meeting the demands of the evolving remote working landscape. This variety of technology allows us to showcase the innovative technology from our partners while also providing a great testing ground for our staff to interact with the solutions we offer to our clients.

Project Gallery


The transformed office now stands as a dynamic showroom, ready to unveil its design, construction and integrated technology. It effectively communicates Amicus' commitment to innovation and thoughtful design, aligning with our evolution over the past years.

The design has been significantly enhanced, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the moment one steps onto the floor. The Sydney HQ office fitout not only meets the current needs of our team but also provides a home and a playground for our expanding capabilities.

The strategic decisions made in the refurbishment process reflect our dedication to adapting to a changing work environment, providing a workspace that is both functional and visually impactful.

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